HomeThe list of the top ten brands of medical consumables in 2022 has been announced, and DD JOY is proud to be on the list!

The list of the top ten brands of medical consumables in 2022 has been announced, and DD JOY is proud to be on the list!

Publish Time: 2024-03-13

For China's brand strategy, to create a better brand environment and brand market, to more effectively increase brand value and influence. The China National Brand Project has been committed to building high-quality industry brands, establishing a high-quality industry image, creating a good competitive environment for the industry, and supporting the market economy under the epidemic. This time, it launched the 2022 top ten medical consumables brand selection event with the industry preferred list.

"Enterprise" and "brand" are indispensable! ! In order to optimize the overall brand image of my country's medical consumables industry and support the development of the medical consumables industry during the epidemic, the top ten brand selection activities were officially launched on August 31. After 20 days of preliminary screening of companies and online voting, the online voting channel was opened on September 9 It was officially closed on September 19th. After the organizer’s strict brand review and publicity, the final list was released.

Among them, DD JOY was successfully selected into the top ten brands of medical consumables this year with 10.3w. Daidaile's products not only sell well in the domestic market, but are also exported to dozens of regions such as North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. For a long time, Daidaile people have been truth-seeking and pragmatic, strengthened their internal skills, and constantly forged ahead to create a superb R&D team, production team, technical team and marketing team. The company's purpose is: the interests of customers are above all else, and intelligently manufacture high-quality products. The mission is: to make better products, go global, and work hard for the prosperity of the Chinese nation!

In this selection event, major excellent brands of medical consumables rushed to sign up to participate. The event strictly adheres to the principles of "transparency, openness and fairness", takes consumer satisfaction and support as the core elements, and comprehensively considers the brand's quality, service, influence, driving force and other dimensions to present the most authentic and objective Selection results.

"DD JOY" will continue to be committed to building brand image, developing new product markets, increasing research and development of new technologies, and constantly striving towards higher industry goals! Congratulations again to Daidaile for being selected as one of the "Top Ten Brands of Medical Consumables"!


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