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Practical Tips | How to quickly calibrate a printed wristband?

Publish Time: 2024-03-13

As a 24-hour personal identification on the patient's wrist, medical wristbands have become an important way for medical institutions to improve patient safety and medical care quality. How to use a printer to print wristbands quickly, accurately and clearly is one of the essential work skills for every nurse at the nurse desk.

In our daily work, we found that many operators do not know very well "how to quickly calibrate the printed wristband". Multiple calibrations not only waste time, but also consume the wristband.

1. Set the wristband template size strictly according to the requirements

The wristband printer can print both locking/adhesive wristbands and thermal labels. Therefore, be sure to set the print size strictly before printing. Under normal circumstances, the size of the locking wristband should be set to "40mm wide, 260mm high", the adhesive wristband size should be set to "26mm wide, 260mm high", and the thermal label size should be set to "50mm wide, 30mm high" .

2. The typesetting position is tightly centered and aligned with the horizontal line.

The wristband information generally includes the patient's name, gender, age, department, ward, bed number and other information. With the popularity of QR codes, the content printed on wristbands has been streamlined. However, whether it is streamlined information or dense information, the operator needs to be typed according to certain specifications on the computer. The arrangement of several information points cannot be too loose, and the fonts cannot be staggered. If the 1D code or 2D code has a relatively square shape, the layout should be as flush as possible with the horizontal lines of the bottom and top edges.

In addition, pay attention to the font size. A wristband can have up to three to four lines of text. Keep appropriate white space. Don’t just calibrate the wristband just to align it and lose the aesthetics of the wristband.

3. Make full use of the visual bin to check the printing status of the wristband

Many wristband printers come with a built-in visual compartment, which allows the operator to observe the printing process of the wristband through the visual compartment without opening the printer when printing. Therefore, do not ignore the role of the visual compartment. When printing, check the printing status of the wristband in the visual compartment to find operational loopholes as soon as possible.

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